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Shepard is Dead
Shepard is dead.
He has been dead for just over two years. I imagine he died panicking, thrashing in the vacuum of space as the SSV Normandy violently blew out its guts into the void. A meaningless speck in the cosmic darkness. Silently screaming, wresting with an invisible, unstoppable foe, watching helplessly as his suits precious oxygen supply escaped into the void, turning his shield against the elements into his coffin. Knowing that there was no-one and nothing to save him from the end, to forestall the inevitable.
I often wonder what – or who – he thought of, in his final moments.
As it happens, the unsettling manner of his death ensured his body's survival. With no air, virtually sealed shut, and nothing but the vacuum beyond his suit, Shepard's body was spared the natural processes of decomposition and decay – there are no microorganisms in dead space, after all.
I'm told there was a race for Shepard's body, once the news of his death found its way into unscrupul
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Anarcho-Transhumanism by Necron-cheese Anarcho-Transhumanism :iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 38 14 Flower :3 by Necron-cheese Flower :3 :iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 0 5
Prologue - A Threat
Isaac woke from his deep, drug-induced slumber, feeling a sharp pang of claustrophobia that made him panic for a split-second before his augmented brain became fully aware of his surroundings and situation. Cold metal surrounded him, bathed in dull amber as the standby lights above him flickered on. He sighed as the respirator mask retracted from his face, coughing as the oxygen-carrying tube slid itself out of his throat with a wet gurgle. He breathed in, tasting the stale air as the air recyclers kicked in with a low hum.
He glanced around his cocoon, his head and neck locked in position, his eyes sweeping over his arms and legs, immobile, encased in layers of nano-steel and intelligent carbon fibres, shorn at the elbows and knees and linked to his suit by millions of artificial nerves. Monitors faced him, flickering to life, barely inches away from his face as they began to power-up, displaying overlays of internal conditions, external conditions, his vital signs, his location, and
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Character Balance Meme by Necron-cheese Character Balance Meme :iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 1 2 Birthdayyyy by Necron-cheese Birthdayyyy :iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 0 11
Times We Share
I lay down and dream of you, and the times that we will share,
I think of the sea that separates us, but I don't really care.
For love transcends all obstacles, physical and in your mind,
So take my hand, let's both leave our troubles far behind.
Video games and movies watched and board games played with soldiers,
Restless nights spent on the couch with your head leant on my shoulder.
Hours in the kitchen making pizza, bread and cake,
I want to stay with you some more so I'll force myself awake.
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Time with you
I wish I could cross the distance
With the blink of my eyes.
I wish I could meet you again
Before we say our goodbyes.
I thank my lucky stars each night
For the fact that I'm in love.
An eternity spent with you just
Wouldn't be enough.
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A ghost... by Necron-cheese A ghost... :iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 1 9
Mature content
Good Morning. :iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 1 9
Thinking of joo by Necron-cheese Thinking of joo :iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 1 8
Desu Noto
Heartbeat fails, blood to ice,
The makings of pride and avarice.
Do it again, seal a fate,
First their name, then the date.
Then the method, make it right,
Make it suit their sin and crime.
For you are just, your word is law,
Your power strikes all, rich and poor.
You're unseen, a phantom hand,
Your reach stretches over all the land.
Take the pen, open book,
Let no crime be overlooked.
You are God, let all bow down,
Your book and mind, scepter and crown,
None can stand against your will,
Those who try
You will kill.
:iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 4 12
Happy Belated Valentines Day by Necron-cheese Happy Belated Valentines Day :iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 1 11 Whut. by Necron-cheese Whut. :iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 2 17 Gunz by Necron-cheese Gunz :iconnecron-cheese:Necron-cheese 3 3
No definition...
Love is
That's not right.
Love isn't something that can clearly be defined.
It's unique.
Different for everybody.
Love is...'s when you see them walking
On the other side of the road.
And you don't want to say "Hi!"
For fear of melting from their smile.'s the feeling you get
When you hug someone.
And no matter what happens,
No matter who talks,
You don't want to let go.'s when you search the internet or read a book,
Look up the definition for "love",
Lean back, and think:
Yes, that's how I feel.'s when you can't get to sleep at night
Because they spin round and round in your head.
And refuse to leave your thoughts.
Love is
That's not right.
Love isn't quantifiable, defineable.
It's something that, despite all the evidence of
Pheromones, hormones, compatability,
Genetics, eugenics and chemicals
It can never be controlled
Or understood.
That's what love is
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Encounter by IvanLaliashvili Encounter :iconivanlaliashvili:IvanLaliashvili 667 18 [TRIPLE-S FUSIONZ] by Cylent-Nite [TRIPLE-S FUSIONZ] :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 1,123 77 Pixel Black Heart Raiders by SteelJoe Pixel Black Heart Raiders :iconsteeljoe:SteelJoe 846 42 The Space Station in the Space Ship by Neytirix The Space Station in the Space Ship :iconneytirix:Neytirix 2,285 212 Celestial Suns Contemptor by Blazbaros Celestial Suns Contemptor :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 731 37 Deus by THE-LM7 Deus :iconthe-lm7:THE-LM7 521 11 Servants of the Counter-Cosmos by Mitchellnolte Servants of the Counter-Cosmos :iconmitchellnolte:Mitchellnolte 166 10 Down The Turbine Headquarter by Shue13 Down The Turbine Headquarter :iconshue13:Shue13 1,311 32 Ghost In The Shell concept art. by duster132 Ghost In The Shell concept art. :iconduster132:duster132 704 7 Alternative Heresy by DavidSondered Alternative Heresy :icondavidsondered:DavidSondered 406 74 Crusaders of Dorn by DevBurmak Crusaders of Dorn :icondevburmak:DevBurmak 391 11 Third Try's The Charm by shoomlah Third Try's The Charm :iconshoomlah:shoomlah 1,067 35 The Adventure Zone by FerioWind The Adventure Zone :iconferiowind:FerioWind 474 24 Sunrise by MacRebisz Sunrise :iconmacrebisz:MacRebisz 1,448 29 night lords design page by slaine69 night lords design page :iconslaine69:slaine69 317 35 BaarZul the Hate-Bound by albe75 BaarZul the Hate-Bound :iconalbe75:albe75 184 2



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What am I still doing here.
Yo what up it's been a while

Not deleting my deviantart or anything, just a recommendation that I'm a lot more active on tumblr. I don't post any of my own work there, but for those who want to know what I'm up to these days you're better following me there then here on dA.

See you around losers ;D

- James

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